NEW P&G PC Optimum Point Offers to Load!

P&G PC Optimum Points

There is a bunch of new P&G PC Optimum Point offers to load!

First, make sure you are signed up with the new P&G Canada Rewards Program.

Then follow the link below, to load your offers.

  • 15,000 When You Spend $50 or More on Olay Regenerist
  • 2,000 When You Spend $10 of more on Charmin
  • 3,000 For every $15 you spend on Vicks products
  • 1,000 for every $3 you spend on Powerwash Dish Spray by Dawn
  • 1,000 for every $5 you spend on Febreze Plug refills (dual or triple packs)
  • 1,200 for every $6 you spend on Downy fabric softner

Load Your P&G PC Optimum Point Offers

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