FREE Full Sized Dove Hair Therapy Products!

Dove Canada Free Stuff

Unilever Canada is giving away free full priced coupons for the of the new Dove Hair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner.

The page is in french, so if you aren’t fluent I’ll do my best to help. EDIT: I found a working english link. You can use both links and get a free coupon from both!!

First click the “Debutez La Questionnaire”

Next choose your hair type (there are photos, straight, curly ect)

Then choose your hair objective – Repair Damaged, Tame Frizz, Dry Scalp, Needs Hydration or Stronger Healthier hair

Next question is Describe your hair care routine

1- Shampoo & Conditioner Only

2- Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment once a week

3- Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling products regularly

Once you get through that, a new page will load with the product they recomend for you. Click the big yellow button at the bottom of the page. A form for you to enter your mailing info will come up.

Prenom = First Name

Nom = Last Name

Courriel = Email

Adresse Ling 1 = Address line 1

Adresse Ling 2 = Address line 2

Ville = City

Province = spelled the same in english 🙂

Code Postal = Postal Code

check the box if you want to receive emails from them (you dont have to)

then click the yellow button at the bottom of the page to submit.

NOTE: if you don’t get the mailing address form, or you get a $2 coupon try a different combination of answers for the hair questions. I did “straight” “stronger Hair” and “Shampoo, Condition & Styling Products regularly” and it worked. People are telling me if you pick the first option for each of the hair questions, that is working too.

Open to Canada Only, while supplies last.

EDIT: I Got a Working English Link!!

Try Both

Get Your Free Dove Samples– French

Get Your Free Samples – English

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