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Get 4 FREE Tea Samples from Adiagio Teas!

Simply follow the link below, and choose the 4 teas you would like samples of. The fill in your mailing information at the bottom of the page 🙂

You will have the option to choose any 4 of the following Adiagio Teas

Black Teas

  • Assam Melody High caffeine
  • Ceylon Sonata High caffeine
  • Irish Breakfast High caffeine
  • Scottish Breakfast High caffeine

Chai Teas

  • Masala Chai High caffeine
  • Raja Oolong Chai High caffeine
  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai No caffeine

Oolong Teas

  • Coconut Grove Pouchong Moderate caffeine
  • Jade Oolong Moderate caffeine
  • Peach Oolong Moderate caffeine
  • Ti Kuan Yin Moderate caffeine
  • Wuyi Ensemble Moderate caffeine

White Teas

  • White Blueberry Low caffeine
  • White Peach Low caffeine

Green Teas

  • Citron Green Moderate caffeine
  • Genmai Cha Moderate caffeine
  • Gunpowder Moderate caffeine
  • Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Moderate caffeine
  • Sleeping Dragon Moderate caffeine

Herbal Teas

  • Blood Orange No caffeine
  • Peppermint No caffeine
  • Samurai Mate Moderate caffeine
  • Turmeric Bliss No caffeine

Rooibos Teas

  • Honeybush Banana Nut No caffeine

This offer is open to Canada Only. While Supplies last

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