FREE Blanket, Humidifier, Mattress Cover & More!

Everlasting Comfort Canada Free Product Review

Ok, I found the most amazing free offer ever, and I already tested it out to make sure it’s legit. I got the blanket pictured above.

You can get one of the following items for free

Bare with me, there are a few steps to follow.

1- Go to @Everlasting_Comfort on Instagram

2- Send them this message: ” sent me. I would like to do a product review “

3- They will ask where you are from. Tell them your province & Canada

4- They will send you a link to pick a product to review, add it to your Amazon account and send them a screenshot of the total cost with tax/shipping.

5- They will send you a Paypal transfer for the total amount of the product, tax & shipping within 24 hrs

6- Use the money they send you to buy the product

7- When you get the product in a couple days, just post a photo on Instagram with a quick review and tag them in the post.

TIP: when they send you the link to the products you can choose to review, if they don’t have anything you want to review, you don’t have to reply to them right away, you can wait until they have something you would like to review

To qualify, you have to have a paypal account (free), and Amazon account (free) and 100+ followers on Instagram. Get More Instagram Followers Here in our Facebook Group

This free offer is open to residents of Canada & USA

I was skeptical at first too, that’s why I tried it out before sharing it. Here is a screen shot from the money transfer they sent me to buy their blanket.

UPDATE: I just go the blanket delivered, it so so amazingly soft. Like really, it feels like the softest kitten – I know this, because my cat won’t leave it alone, she’s trying to claim it as her own, so I had to keep picking her up to move her, so I could get a picture, and it feels just like her 😀

Here is a picture of it

Best freebie ever!

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