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Butterly Canada Product Review Opportunity

An exciting new offer!

We’re pleased to announce a new review opportunity with Batiste & Finishing Touch Flawless!

By filling out this survey you may be selected to receive:

Batiste Naturally™ Green Tea & ChamomileThis plant-powered Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes hair and is made with 100% natural plant extracts and a light, fresh scent. Just a few sprays can absorb oil and restore your look—no matter your hair type. Every time you reach for Batiste, the world’s #1 dry shampoo, expect AHHHmazing results.

What do you get when you combine 100% natural green tea and chamomile extracts with pure, simple rice starch? Naturally refreshed hair, of course. This vegan, time-saving, no-rinse formula comes in a recyclable can that uses 40% less packaging so you can do good and look good too.

*Compared to Batiste Original 200mL


Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover –Finishing Touch Flawless is the revolutionary facial hair removal device that erases hair instantly and painlessly without the irritation that comes with plucking, waxing or depilatories. Flawless is an everyday maintenance clean up tool, designed to look like a lipstick but contains the finest German engineered technology that microscopically removes hair, so you can be “flawless” anywhere, anytime! For best results: skin should be clean with no makeup or creams. Pull the skin-tight and move the unit in small, circular motions or from side to side. You may have to go over the same area several times to achieve the best results.


Finishing Touch Flawless Cleanse – Flawless Cleanse: a revolutionary silicone electric face scrubber and cleanser that can help promote the appearance of radiant, clean, more youthful skin. The all-in-one solution to massaging and cleaning your face, Flawless Cleanse offers multiple modes that let you customize your facial routine. Go from a low to high vibration to gently clean your face. Or, use the vibration to powerfully shake loose and remove the make-up, dirt, and oil that collect on the skin. Choose the massage mode to help stimulate circulation, brighten your facial complexion, and help promote collagen production. The silicone head is ultra-hygienic, and Flawless Cleanse promotes hands-off your face cleaning, so you’re hands never have to touch your face to get clean. Flawless cleanse is your All-In-One solution to effortlessly flawless skin. Flawless cleanse allows you to get the benefit of facial massage with the action of cleansing, so you can bring your spa beauty routine into the comfort and safety of your own home.

Available to residents of Canada only. Please fill out this short application form in order to be considered for this opportunity. Selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail in 2-3 weeks.

Apply To Try Batiste & Finishing Touch Flawless Products for FREE!

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