FREE A.Vogel Herbamare Sea Salt Samples

A. Vogel Canada Free Samples

A. Vogel Canada is giving away 5,000 FREE samples of their Herbamare seasoned Sea Salt.

What is Herbamare ?

By far the most popular of the A.Vogel condiments, Herbamare has been a staple in Europe for decades. A brilliant blend of celery, leek, watercress, onions, chives, parsley, lovage, garlic, basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and kelp, all organically grown.

Herbamare Original replaces dreary conventional table salt. Use it as a condiment to perk up your recipes or at every meal to salt your food the healthy way. Add after cooking to enhance taste!

Replaces table salt.

Available to Canadian citizens only.
One sample per address, while supplies last.

Get Your A.Vogel Canada Samples

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