FREE Rascal + Friends Diapers

Rascal + Friends Canada Free Samples

Rascal + Friends have teamed up with our friends at Sampler, and are giving away free samples of their new premium diapers.

Rascal Design
Nappy design

1- Unique deep pocket to reduce likelihood of overflow

2- Soft curved leg cuff for the most comfortable fit 

3- Absorbency channel: New innovative design increases absorbency area to help prevent leaks 

4- Special double leak guard helps prevent leaking or explosions from the sides

5- Breathable backsheet with air circulation to keep your Rascal’s skin dry

6- High back waistband to handle on-the-go movement

7- Super feather soft, non-woven absorbency layer with liquid dispersion

8- Custom-designed grip tabs that stay in place. Ideal for multitasking or putting on with one eye open

9- Handy size indicator 

10- Our cute rascally design for the most stylish baby bums around

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